Modifying the Original

Project X – Pre Series

Motobox V13 & Wrenchdog presents the 90s racing icone back alive. More information coming soon.

All about my Dyna Blaster, Dyna Storm and TR-15T.

Modifying and converting Tamiya Dyna Storm, Dyna Blaster & TR-15T and reproduction of unavailable spare parts such as bulkhead, suspension arms, c-hubs, rear hubs, suspension mounts, shock tower, carbon fiber parts and more.

3D-modelling, modifying and reengineering certain parts.
3D-printing prototypes with Prusa i3 MK3 FDM printer with PETG, carbon-fiber reinforced filament, PC, ect. Also HP MJF prints with PA12 nylon for high end finish.

2D-design of high quality carbon-fiber, high strength aluminum and kydex parts trough CNC milling, water- and laser cutting.