Dyna Storm DS211x

Tamiya Dyna Storm 58116 (49190 re-release)
A1/A2 TR-15T gearbox (Tamiya)
B3/B4 printet suspension arms (PA12 nylon)
C1/C2 TR-15T rear hubs (Tamiya)
D1/D2 aluminum suspension mounts
D3 modified shock tower (PA12 nylon)
D5 aluminum bulkhead
E1/E4 modified motor guard and kick-up (Kydex)
3D printed front bumper (PA12 nylon)
E3 3D-printed gearbox cover by VRC (PA12 nylon)
H1/H2 reinforced c-hubs (PA12 nylon) by ORB Racing
H3/H4 reinforced steering arms (carbon-fiber filament)
cnc milled chassis, upper deck and
front/rear damper stay (carbon-fiber)
10.5 Nosram Pearl 2 brushless motor & ESC

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