On my 12th birthday I got my first serious RC car, a Tamiya TR-15T, the first nitro vehicle made by them. When I opened the box I thought I never could do it. Three days later the engine fired the very first time.

Some years later the motor did not start well, the clutch was worn out and the front damper stay bent. I had no clue how to bring it back to life so I put it in a cupboard down in the cellar and forgot about it.

More than 20 years later my nephew got his first Tamiya as well and I remembered about something hidden down in the basement. During the next days I striped down and cleaned everything including the motor and put it back together. It took me some more time to get the motor running again but new bearings where the answer.

So I was hooked up and had good fun running the Stadium Truck again. There was only one issue, the availability of spare parts. In all that years between being 12 years old and the rebirth of my TR-15T I learned a lot about mechanics and engineering. Also I became very interested in 3D modelling and new production technologies such as CNC and 3D printing. I took the advantage and started to learn new skills in this fields with the TR-15T as my content and “laboratory object”.

In the next years I found myself next to a Dyna Blaster and a Dyna Storm as well, getting more and more into the chassis family of the Dynas. I simply like the technical engineering and the design more than any other RC model cars. As deeper I dropped in, as further I went with my modifications. Inspired by other Tamiya prototypes I started to develop my own modifications and also re-engineered and reinforced nearly all plastic and carbon-fiber parts.

Now there is a wide variety of parts and combination, from very original-like to hard-modified kits. Always in my mind, how Tamiya would have done it, if they would have done it.

It is very much passion for me and I am happy to help out with my knowledge. Just say hello to me and drop me a mail.

And I like dogs, but thats obvious. : )