Dani Vega TRF 212G Replica

by courtesy of Dean Lanzante.

Latest version of the Tamiya TRF211x.
Modified by former TRF team driver Dani Vega (ES).

Tub chassis from Tamiya Dyna Blaster
TRF Prototype bulkhead and suspension arms
Shortened wheelbase through custom rear chassis plate
TRF Prototype front and rear shocktower
TR-15T knuckle & steering arms, front & rear hubs,
rear shocktower & gearbox link
TRF211x bodyshell & Astute wing
Tekin 411G ESC
Ko Propo 1002 FET Servo
Reedy Mr. Series brushed motor

Part of Ellerbrock Collection, Hamburg, Germany.

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Tamiya Prototype based on Dyna Storm & Dyna Blaster